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Avoid expensive repair bills for your home.

Solve leaking and damaged pipes quickly and efficiently with Nuflow’s innovative pipe repair and relining solutions. Even just one leaking pipe can result in water pooling under your floors and fixtures, potentially causing lasting damage.

Many pipe repair systems require digging and destroying infrastructure to reach your leaking pipes – not so with Nuflow’s Blueline system.

Blueline can solve issues with leaking or blocked drain pipes without excavating, meaning minimal damage and disruption to your home and no being stuck with expensive infrastructure repair bills.

Have you noticed:

Toilets and sinks are filling up fast and receding slowly?

Drainage overflow outside the house?

Wet spots appearing on walls?

Pooling on floors?

These signs all indicate you could have a blocked drain or leaking pipe.

We can inspect and jet clean your pipes to remove blockages and then use a pipe camera to find the source of your leakage or blockage issues. Once clear, your pipes are then lined with a tailor-made liner that can stop leaks and structurally repair blocked, damaged or leaking pipe/s. It’s the most versatile and durable pipe lining system in the world as well – it is easy to install and comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years.

Designed to repair pipes under surfaces you don’t want to destroy, Blueline solves problems with sewerage or stormwater systems. Blueline structurally repairs any type of blocked, damaged or leaking drain pipe in diameters from 40 to 1000mm with minimal disruption to your home or business. Nuflow can clear blocked sewerage pipes and blocked stormwater pipes allowing drainage system to be flowing again in no time.

Pipe Relining FAQ’s

What pipes can we repair?
  • PVC, earthenware or clay, asbestos, galvanised steel, cast iron, copper, concrete and HDPE.
  • Diameters from 40mm to 1000mm.
  • Vertical or horizontal, square, rectangular or round pipes.
How do you know if you have a blocked drain or pipe?
  • After flushing, toilets fill up then recede slowly
  • Drainage may overflow outside
  • Bad odours
  • Water fills up and recedes slowly in sinks
What causes my drains to become blocked?
  • Deteriorated physical condition
  • The flushing of foreign items
  • Tree roots entering a broken pipe
  • Ground movement
How do I know for sure what is causing the blockage?
Our inspection and survey will jet clean your pipes, removing any blockages and enabling a clear view and assessment of the section that is blocked.
What are the benefits?
  • Prevents root intrusion and stops leaks
  • Assists to prevent blocked drains
  • Increases water flow
  • No digging or destruction
  • Offers the structural strength of new pipes
  • Alternative to drain replacement
How does the Blueline system work?
Before any relining takes place, the drains must first be inspected and surveyed. We use a pipe camera to identify and locate the cause of the problem. The drain is then cleared using high pressure water jets; once the blockage is cleared the pipe is then ready for the liner installation.

Our liner is custom made from fabric that is impregnated with specially formulated two part epoxy resin that sets hard, becoming a structural repair, in a matter of hours allowing minimal disruption and inconvenience.

Once the liner is tailor made and prepared, it is inserted in to your drain via any opening in the drain. It is positioned in place with a camera and inflated, forcing the liner to take the shape of the pipe filling voids or cracks and lining over any damaged section. After a curing period, the internal bladder of the liner is removed, completing the process and making the drain ready for use immediately.

On completion of all work carried out, you will receive a 10 year installation guarantee and a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years.

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